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Yuzuru’s CM [Monster Hunt 4G] 


Yuzuru Hanyu - Monster Hunter 4G CM Making [x]


Yuzuru Hanyu + Nodding away at the interviewer 

Yuzuru Hanyu Making of Monster Hunter 4G CM [x]


Making Of!!!!


Dreams On Ice 2014, Yuzuru’s 20 Q&A

1) Hobby: collecting earphones, listening to music, kendama
2) Subjects that you like: psychology, sensory information engineering
3) Besides skating, a sport that you like: baseball
4) Country that you like: Japan
5) Feudal warlord or historical figure that you like: Date Masamune, Uesugi Kenshin
6) Animal that you like: cat, hamster
7) Food that you like: gyoza, sushi, shabu shabu
8) Motto: Don’t forget your first resolution
9) Your own character in one word/phrase: hate to lose, stubborn
10) What area of your performance do you most want people to see?: expression of music or song
11) Practice that you are putting in the most effort now: expression, posture and such.
12) Athlete that you admire: Keisuke Honda, Dai Tamesue
13) Skater that you aim to be like: Evgeni Plushenko
14) For clothes, what do you pay attention to?: whether it suits my own feel/mood
15) Costume that you like best up to now: White Legend
16) Method for relieving tension: listening to music, singing
17) From fans’ cheers of support, what words make you happiest?: Whatever the words are, I am happy.
18) At which time do you think ‘it is good that I’m skating’ ?: when I am able to give my best performance in a competition.
19) Goal for this season: to undertake everything with my best efforts!
20) My dream: I am skating due to the support of many people, and so I want to repay this one day. Or from now, I want do something useful as a skater.

-translated by me
-pic from twitter (via horiyan)

Grand Prix Final Gala 2013 


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