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Blog dedicate to the Prince of the Ice Yuzuru Hanyu, 2014 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2014 World Champion


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 Brian Orser’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]


Yuzuru Hanyu + Waving to his fans 


Bolshoi’s The Sleeping Beauty

Credits to BEK studios


 His eyelashes are so long.  Maybe that’s why it sometimes looks like he’s wearing eyeliner when he does his eye smile. [x]

My Mother's Words Motivated Me to Get Back on the Ice ▷


Original: @TOKYO Web (The translator said it was from here, but as it is a relatively old article dating back to 2012, I wasn’t able to link it directly)
Chinese Translations: @Shigana_新旅程

Ten days after the earthquake, my mom was the one who suggested “How about you go and get your…

Hey, watch out 
Touch me and you’ll get cut. 
You’re not yet 
Stronger than me 
You probably know

The blue flame 
Now silently burns inside the ice 
A smile appears
I can see from afar 
One boy 

Yuzuru Hanyu: “The win at the Olympics are something of the past.” ; Towards the New Season ▷


Original: @Asahi News
Image: @Asahi News
Chinese Translations: @yuriakira

He has already become a world renowned skater. Having claimed the Olympic title back in February, he will be welcoming the new season with the title of “King”. Before it begins, Yuzuru talks about…


Yuzuru Hanyu - With Brian Orser (2012 vs. 2014)